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Online Library Resources

These are the online services available to users off campus.

Articles with helpful info and resources

Below is a list with links to articles that contain helpful information for educators, including access to free online resources during this time:


Collins, Cory. (2020, March 19). Teaching through Coronavirus: What Educators Need Right Now. Teaching Tolerance.

Darling-Hammond, Linda. (2020, March 19). Learning in the Time of COVID-19. Forbes

Ngyuen, Janet. (2020 March, 20). Here's what to read and stream for free during the Covid-19 pandemic. Marketplace.

Schulten, Katherine. (2020, March 11). Coronavirus Resources: Teaching, Learning and Critically-Thinking. New York Times.

Williams, Owen. (2020, March 18). How to Prepare Your Wifi for a Self-Quarantine. OneZero.