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Constitution Day

Here you'll find information about the Constitution of the United States.

Constitution Day 2019

Books on the Constitution

Constitution Day

Constitution Day

U.S. Constitution next to U.S. flag

On September 17, 1787, state delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the United States Constitution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On Constitution Day, the 17th of September, the nation remembers this momentous occasion with programs and learning opportunities in schools across the country.

Resources on the Constitution

Teaching and Learning about the U.S. Constitution

These sites offer a wealth of information on the Constitution, including activities and lesson plans.

The National Constitution Center:

U.S. Congress:

The Constitution Annotated provides the section-by-section text of the Constitution along with interpretation of the Constitution over time.  

Library of Congress:

This is a great site for primary sources!

National archives and Records Administration:

See the National Archives site for teaching and learning materials.

Stanford University

Stanford provides a brief history of the Constitution along with a short summary of each bill in the Bill of Rights. The site also includes information on the branches of government.

Civics Renewal Netork

Find teaching tools and lessons here.

Constitutional Fun


Did you know Constitution Day used to be called Citizenship Day? And before that it was called Proud to be an American Day. Take a look at this citizenship study guide from teh Immigration and Naturalization Service!

Study Guide

California Constitution

Interested in local government? You can fine the text of the California Constitution here.


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