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English 101 - Floyd

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African American Studies Booklist

Tertiary Sources

Searching for books on African American History

Finding books on African American History can be challenging because they are shelved throughout the collection according to subject. Books on 16th- and 17th- century Africa will be shelved in a different section from books on people of African descent in Latin America which is shelved separately from people of African heritage in the United Sates. African American biographies may include individuals from the Reconstruction Era alongside those of subjects from the Civil Rights Movement. Books on the slave trade may be located in the economy section far from books on slave life. Further, books on slavery in the United States will be shelved separately from more specific books on local history, for example plantation life in Virginia.The African American Studies Booklist on the left shows where to find print books located at West Los Angeles College on African American history through the Reconstruction Era.

You can also borrow books from other college libraries in the district! The Library catalog searches for materials at West Los Angeles College only but you can change the default setting to search all district libraries to see additional selections, then the librarian can help you request those titles via interlibrary loan. If you choose to do this, plan carefully! The books may take a week to arrive, sometimes longer.

For an even bigger selection of books, search Summon to find both electronic books in full-text, accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Search as you would the library catalog but limit your results to books and e-books. 

Questions? Ask a librarian!


Suggested Keywords

Below are just some of the commonly searched keywords related to African American studies. Try searching for the terms below or a combination of the terms. A librarian can help!


  • 13th Amendment
  • 18th Amendment
  • Abolition
  • Abolitionists
  • African American Soldiers
  • African Methodist Episcopal Church
  • American Revolution
  • Black Codes
  • Caribbean
  • Civil War
  • Colonial America
  • Compromise of 1850
  • The Confiscation Act
  • Dominican Republic
  • Education
    • Morehouse College
    • Howard University
  • Emancipation
  • Freeman's Bureau
  • Fugitive Slave Law
  • Fugitive Slaves
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act
  • Latin America
  • Middle Passage
  • The Militia Act
  • Missouri Compromise
  • Plantation life
  • Prig vs. Pennsylvania
  • Reconstruction Era
  • Reconstruction Act
  • Slave Codes
  • Slave Culture
  • Slave Insurrection
  • Slave Narratives
  • Slave Trade
  • States' Rights
  • Transatlantic Slave Trade
  • United States Constitution
  • West Indies
  • Names of Notable Figures from the Time
    • Dred Scott
    • Harriett Tubman
    • Sojourner Truth
    • Frederick Douglass
    • Prudence Crandall
    • Crispus Atucks
    • David Walker
    • Gershom Prince
    • Gabriel Prosser
    • Denmark Vesey
    • John Brown
    • Absolom Jones
    • Richard Allen
    • Thaddeus Stevens
    • Nat Turner