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Dental Hygiene

Find resources for studying dental hygiene here!

Remote Access

Access articles and electronic books from the Library's subscription databases from off-campus! When you click on a database, you will be prompted for your user name (your student ID) and PIN (the two-digit month and day of your birth in MMDD format). You can also go directly to

Example for student with ID number 88-123-4567 born February 25th:

User name: 881234567
PIN: 0225

Library Catalog

Search for print books at the Library.

Print Resources

Below are a few of the print (physical) books available at the Library. For others, search the Library catalog or click below for a handy list of related books compiled by Dental Hygiene student Esther Tuchez. You can find the books on the list at the reserve desk or behind the reference desk in the Library. For electronic books, search a library database. 

Primal Pictures

Primal Pictures by AnatomyTV contains images of teeth and other dental structures as well as images of the neck and head. With the layering feature, you can add and remove layers such as muscles, arteries, veins and nerves to see just those layers. You can hover over parts of the image to see the name plus a description of the specific area of a tooth or blood vessel. This is a great database for learning the anatomy of the head and neck. Click the image below to get started!
Illustration of a tooth with tooth decay

ProQuest Databases

Find dental and health articles from scholarly journals. 

Database Searching

Below are suggested databases and search tips for your research.

  • Use AND to narrow your results by searching for two keywords simultaneously. 
    Example: slavery AND children
  • Use OR to broaden your results by searching for either of two or more keywords
    Enclose terms separated by OR in parentheses
    Example: (domestic OR household)
  • Use quotation marks ("") to search for terms as a phrase
    Example: "emancipation proclamation"
  • Use asterisks to retrieve additional forms of a word
    Example: wom* retrieves women, woman, women's.
  • Limit results to academic or scholarly sources for academic sources.
  • Limit results to reviews to see just book reviews.

Putting it all together

Use all the above search tip sto refine your search. 
Example: ("domestic slave" OR "house slave") AND wom*

Other Helpful Resources

Find additional information through teh following databases.

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