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ESL 8-Sander

This guide takes you further into the research process, focusing on searching databases for information your topic and using filtering tools to make your search more effective.

Remote Access

Access articles and electronic books from the Library's subscription databases from off-campus! When you click on a database, you will be prompted for your user name (your student ID) and PIN (the two-digit month and day of your birth in MMDD format). You can also go directly to

Example for student with ID number 88-123-4567 born February 25th:

User name: 881234567
PIN: 0225

OneSearch Library Catalog Tutorial

OneSearch Library Catalog Tutorial

This Fall 2022 Semester, the library is offering a new online OneSearch Library Catalog Tutorial.  The tutorial is available in our library catalog, in many of our library research guides, and on our library website.


Upon completion of the OneSearch Library Catalog Tutorial, library patrons should be able to:

1. Find the OneSearch online library catalog.

2. Search for and locate books and e-books, videos, articles, digital media, and more in the library's collection.

3. Request items from other LACCD libraries.


At the end of the tutorial, there is a short online quiz, which provides users feedback.

Topical Overview

In the early stages of research, it is often helpful to have have a broad overview of your topic so you have a basic understanding before you focus on a more specific area of the topic. Tertiary sources, such as encyclopedias are a great place to start! Generally, you wouldn't cite the information from tertiary sources; it's background information so you are familiar with your subject but the information you cite will usually come from primary and secondary sources such as periodicals (magazines, newspapers, journals) and monographs (regular books).  Watch the video below for information on finding information in encyclopedias.

Click the link below if you do not see the video.

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ProQuest Database

Searching ProQuest

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This brief video tutorial, Searching ProQuest - Part A, introduces you to finding articles in ProQuest. The techniques for searching ProQuest will work in most databases you search since most databases work similarly. If you cannot see the video above, click the link below.

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This video tutorial above will explore selecting articles you've found in your search and refining your search to narrow your search results. If you do not see the video, click the link below.

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Watch this video tutorial for an example of how to search ProQuest. Click on the link below if you don't see the video tutorial.

If you have questions, you are welcome to visit the Library or use the 24/7 Chat Reference for more help!

Searching ProQuest

Use this quick reference cheat sheet for searching ProQuest as an accompaniment to the more detailed video tutorials. 

More Help

Come see a librarian for additional assistance! Below is the link to a worksheet to help guide your research. If you fill it out, it will help us see what you've been searching so we can help you refine your strategy. We'd love to see you!

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Can't make it to the library? Chat with a librarian any time!

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