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This guide will help you get started on your research. It includes video tutorials on how to search library databases. Click on the two tabs at the top to review how to evaluate internet sources and how to cite your work.

Remote Access

Access articles and electronic books from the Library's subscription databases from off-campus! When you click on a database, you will be prompted for your user name (your student ID) and PIN (the two-digit month and day of your birth in MMDD format). 

Example for student with ID number 88-123-4567 born February 25th:

User name: 881234567
PIN: 0225

ProQuest Cheat Sheet

ProQuest Video Tutorial

Recommended Databases

ProQuest is one of our most popular databases. It covers a wide range of disciplines with content from academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more. This would be a great place to search for current events information.



Gale Virtual Reference Library consists of many specialized encyclopedias. It is ideal for finding a basic overview of topics. Information from encyclopedias is not updated as frequently as information from newspapers or magazines you'd find in ProQuest so it might not be best for the most current news but it's the perfect staring point for a general understanding of your topic. 


Choosing a Topic

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Formatting Works Cited

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